About Us

What is the Fliegxi?
Fliegxi is a smartphone app that is used as an efficient service tool among Drivers and passengers. We offer Flexible low-cost fare, transparent & secure ordering, the fastest ride with a nearby driver.

What the Fliegxi offers?
-           Taxi & ride-booking service.
-           Rental Taxi/car service with fixed price.
-           Business riding special offer.
-           Tourists/hotels traveling with low-cost prices.

Why choose Fliegxi?
-           A flexible & most cheap low-cost ride.
-           Transparent & secure process of ride order.
-           Extra Safety & Emergency buttons.
-           Cash/Card/Debit payment options.
-           Wallet with sharing credits to other riders/drivers.
-           Advanced functionality of the app with multiple features.
-           Take the advantages of promotional codes, rewards, Live Chat.
-           Separate packages for Hotel & Business rides.

Our Products:
Free: Our most popular & cheapest product is Flieg-Free.The price is open here. Our incremental module calculates phase to phase trip distance and time. In a fastest traffic situation, you travel fast but pay less as estimated.

Flieg-Fix: Flieg-Fix offers you a fix price. The App calculates an estimated price based on distance and time. You pay almost the same price at the end of the trip unless the address is changed or other fees are applied.

Flieg-Fit: If you need more space or more legroom, you can order the Flieg-Fit for up to 7 persons.

Flieg-Share: This our special innovative product. You can share your rides with other riders. You pay a 20% less price if you share your ride with another person in the same direction.

Flieg-Taxi: You can order the classic Taxi for 4-7 persons and paying with cash or card.

Hourly-Taxi: Our another attractive product is Hourly-Taxi. You can take a Ride with more than one destination and pay per Hour starting from 20 EUR. We have also half-day, Day-long Taxi offers with very cheap prices. 

Hotel/Business Travels: We offer for hotels/ business corporations separate booking and management panel with flexible traveling price plan.

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